Still accepting straggler submissions!I am especially still looking for visual submissions, pieces on co-parenting or being co-parented across distance, and dealing with immigration/ national borders. I would also take more submissions on digital or web-based relationships. Skype screenshots are acceptable submissions. I am not at this time interested in fiction pieces, and for written submissions in general, remember that specificity and focusing in on a particular event or situation makes for a better read, rather than narrating the entire history of a relationship. The original call for submissions is here:

When grassroots Black activists speak honestly about racism at colleges across this country, we are not met with open arms by administrators and faculty. And most certainly our calendars are not full for the rest of the year let alone for the next three to five. When we speak, we are often met by the deaf ear of white denial. When Tim Wise speaks, he gets applause, standing ovations, awards and proclamations. The fact that schools can’t “hear” us when I and other people of color speak but will search out and roll out the red carpet for Wise is a statement to a kind of racism that doesn’t get discussed much – if at all – in our work. Despite all of the white anti-racist presentations given over the years at colleges and universities across the country, institutional racism at these schools remains intact. All the while, activists of color continue to be muffled and marginalized. Even in the ghetto of race discourse we remain tenants and never owners of an analysis that is ours to begin with.


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Puppy’s murder made me aware that we were not safe or untouchable and that if someone does touch us, no one gives a shit. We only have each other. We always knew this, but now we needed to take a step towards doing something about it. So I started looking out for myself and the girls who worked on the street with me. We girls decided that whenever we got into a car with someone, another girl would write down as much information as possible. We would try not to just lean into the car window but get a guy to walk outside the car so that everyone could see him, so we all knew who he was if she didn’t come back. That’s how it started. Since no one was going to do it for us, we had to do it for ourselves.

Miss Major, Black trans woman and former sex worker discussing the killing of a fellow sex worker (via theraceproblem)

TWoC resistance and community building is foundational. Do you see the creativity that goes into our survival? There’s so much I can say about the agency and interconnectedness that comes from securing our survival.

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Hi friends,
I was lucky enough to be accepted to Yale’s School of Art for my MFA in Photography, which has been pretty much blowing my mind for the past few weeks. I am even luckier because they have offered me a generous scholarship that eliminates my tuition. However, I must come up with $515 dollars to hold my space in the class by the first week of May. 
Thus! I am selling some 8x10” images from my most recent work in Puerto Rico to close the gap between what I have right now and the rest of the money. All prints are being sold at ‘pay what you can‘ donation, with a suggested donation of 30 + $3 for S&H.
The images pictured above are included in the print sale, plus a few others. I will consider special requests if you email me first!
Click here to see all the images in the print sale!
Thanks y’all, I am super grateful for my community and all of the support you have given me over the past few years. 

still life, 2013 - pink cone & googly eyes


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Wearable Organic Senior Fashions by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth

Inspired by Norwegian folklore, “Eyes as Big As Plates” is a series depicting their neighborly Finnish elders festooned in the organic materials of their homeland, each an enigmatic but equally endearing character that has sprung to life from the old world fables. You can check out their show at the Recess in Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY through April 26, 2013.

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ELIXHER is an award-winning online destination for Black lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women. We are committed to making ELIXHER self-sustainable. Donate to our campaign here:

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Globally, as weather becomes more extreme, the poor and the politically vulnerable will continue to pay the highest price of climate change. Discrepancies in media coverage of post-Katrina New Orleans reveal some of the fault lines: White survivors were often portrayed as “finding supplies” and black survivors as looters, criminalized and targeted by the police and the National Guard. At the same time, transnational corporations will profit from superstorms, drought, sea rise, and other effects of climate change.